HP3000 TCP/IP summary

James Van Bokkelen (ftp!jbvb@harvard.harvard.edu)
Fri, 9 Oct 87 22:20:14 edt

There seem to be two TCP/IP implementations for the HP3000. Neither is really
what the person I was asking this for wanted, at least at the moment...

One was done by BBN for a government contract. It had user and server Telnet,
and user FTP. It was done on a Series 3 under MPE IV, and later ported to a
Series 44 under MPE V/P. It needs modifications to the O/S, so you have to
have a source license. BBN says they aren't pushing it, but money could
persuade them to bring it up on newer machines/versions of the O/S.

Another is the Netxport II transport layer used by HP's Networking Services
product. It is apparently a TCP/IP transport layer, developed for use by
HP's private protocols, but supposedly accessible by user-written programs
for the standard ARPA services. The Wollongong Group is said to be developing
FTP, Telnet and SMTP, presumably on top of the existing transport. I was told
that this was scheduled for availability in April, 1988.


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