Re: TCP/IP and DECnet

Ted Crane (tedcrane@tcgould.TN.CORNELL.EDU)
Thu, 8 Oct 87 14:27:14 EDT

In article <In article <159@medivax.UUCP> In article <159@medivax.UUCP> chinson@medivax.UUCP (Chinson Yi) writes:
>we have some DECserver 100 accessing it. We are trying to
>install a TCP/IP product on it to communicate with our Ultrix
>machine and I am wondering if the DECnet and TCP/IP will coexist
>on the same machine sharing a DEQNA. We will be getting

There've been a few replies to this. One mentioned putting DECnet up on
the Ultrix machine. This is, in some ways, a limited solution but, *for
what it does*, it works very well. Of course, it isn't free...


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