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In article <870928095131.6.DCP@KOYAANISQATSI.S4CC.Symbolics.COM> David
C. Plummer writes:

>There is and has been a display oriented terminal protocol for a
>long, long time. ... I'm referring, of course, to the SUPDUP
>protocol, RFC 734 of 1978. If you want graphics, you can do that
>too: the SUPDUP Graphics extension, RFC 746 March 1978.

It's my impression that SUPDUP (as described in Richard Stallman's
1983 AI Lab Memo 644; I don't have the RFC's handy) doesn't support
alteration of display terminal characteristics after the connection
initialization takes place. Wouldn't that rule out its use in a
modern windowing environment? Windows can be resized.

It looks like a very nice job, just the same. I have a generic
Unix implementation here; are there any implementations of the
graphics extension available for SunView or X Windows?

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