Re: TCP and Loss (inherently lossy nets)

Mike Brescia (brescia@PARK-STREET.BBN.COM)
Tue, 06 Oct 87 20:33:07 -0400

I submit this note from Robert Cole, recently of University College London, in
the hopes that there might be someone (like Carl Sunshine) who may come up
with a citation for the paper mentioned. This seems to be some hint of
argument counter to the reasoning that Greg Lauer described for lossy packet
radio nets. (Robert did assent when I asked him if I could publish his note.)

> From: Robert Cole <rhc>
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> Mike,
> I remember a paper from a long while ago by (some permutation of)
> Sunshine, Grossman and Hindley which had (some permutation of)
> "Hop-by-hop and End-to-end" in the title. I remember it discussed a
> number of these issues and concluded that end-to-end was superior to
> hop-by-hop for flow control. I seem to remember that the arguments
> applied to a number of situations so perhaps they also apply to error
> management (which is not too different from flow control).

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