seeking opinions on a small tcp-ip university network
06 Oct 87 21:17:06 ADT

We are new to the TCP/IP world. We are planning to install a small
TCP/IP network within a University Engineering Building initially,
with growth to the whole campus expected long term. The current
situation looks like this within the Engineering Building:
-- The campus is wired with a typical broadband LAN cable, currently
   supporting RS-232 terminal access to various mainframe and
   minicomputers (SYTEK 2000 product) and PC-Network interconnection
   for IBM PC's.
-- Building site A contains IBM 3090 mainframe running MVS operating
   system and IBM PC/RT running BSD 4.3.
-- Building site B contains SGI IRIS 1400 and SGI IRIS 2400 graphics
   workstations running UNIX and an IBM PC/RT running BSD 4.3.
-- Building site C contains a MicroVAX II running ULTRIX and a
   Sun standalone workstation running Unix
-- Building site D contains a VAX running VMS
The following interconnection schemes are under consideration:
-- TCP/IP Ethernet over the existing broadband cable
-- Install Ethernet baseband cable in the building; the current
   sites would be at the upper distance limit of "thin wire" Ethernet,
   we believe, making true Ethernet cable the likely choice.
-- Install an Ethernet at each building site (each is "room sized"),
   either regular or "thin wire" and gateway/bridge/? over the
   broadband cable
-- Install Ethernet at each building site and install baseband "backbone"
   cable to gateway/bridge/? the Ethernets.
Any opinions or comments would be appreciated. Please reply via
electronic mail to the undersigned, and indicate if you think a
summary of responses would be of interest to the network.

John DeDourek
Professor of Computer Science

School of Computer Science
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA E3B 5A3
(506) 453-4566

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