DDN Standard X.25 address questions

Mon 5 Oct 87 22:55:09-PDT

The latest DDN X.25 documentation that I have is dated December 1983. Is
there a newer version?

I also have a couple of questions regarding the DDN addressing
mechanisms when using X.25.

1) Has a DNIC been assigned to the DDN?

The DDN X.121 address is comprised of a seven digit address, a flag
digit for physical/logical addressing and a sub-address field consisting
of two digits.

2) I would appreciate an example of using the physical/logical
addressing modes. What are they used for?

3) Since sub-addresses are optional and are only used between consenting
DTE implementations, is it safe to ignore them completely? I guess I am
asking if anyone knows what these are used for as well.

It would be nice if BBN could provide documentation explaining their
X.121 addresses a little more clearly. The "how" is explained rather
nicely; however, the "what" and "why" were completely overlooked.

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