Re: TCP/IP and DECnet

Douglas M. Olson (dolson@ADA20.ISI.EDU)
Mon 5 Oct 87 10:06:52-PDT

> From: melohn@Sun.COM (Bill Melohn)
> ... MOP, the Maintenance Operations Protocol, yet
> another Digital propriatary protocol that is NOT included under the
> publically available DECnet suite.

"MOP is a subset of DDCMP..."
(p 4-14 of the VAX/VMS Networking Manual)
"DDCMP was designed in 1974 specifically for the Digital Network
(p 28 of pamphlet "Digital's Networks: An Architecture with a Future")

So we are in agreement that LAT-speaking DECservers speak MOP, but
we disagree on whether MOP is part of DNA or not. Fine.

> From: melohn@Sun.COM (Bill Melohn)
> The point I was making is that DECnet is a publically specified
> interface for talking to DEC machines; however it does NOT include
> terminal servers, VAX clusters, and many other protocols which Digital
> considers propritary. I'm tired of explaining to customers why we
> can't support DEC terminal servers, "since they run DECnet" (which we
> can and do support under SunOS).

Point taken.


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