Re: TCP and Loss (inherently lossy nets)

Mike Brescia (brescia@park-street)
Mon, 05 Oct 87 08:59:42 -0400

Can anyone from Packet Radio or SURAN projects speak to the retransmission
attempts done on single hops to improve reliability (and increase delay
average and variance)? Is hop-by-hop retransmission better than end-to-end
retransmission or not? Why? Should TCP rely on hop-by-hop reliability and
never retransmit? (Before you answer that, recall that the vast majority of
lost packets are dropped in gateways because of congestion.)


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     I'm interested in situations in which loss is inherent -- that
     is, you will get loss, no matter what your TCP does. Packet radios
     suffering from noise or jamming are good examples. Loss caused by
     congestion is a different problem.

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