NSFNET connectivity

Sun, 4 Oct 87 3:17:49 EDT


The primary NSFNET gateway at the Pittsburg Computer Center (ARPANET
address is presently unreachable from a large number
of low-traffic sites. Apparently, this is due to a shortage of
virtual-circuit resources in the ACC 5250 X.25 interface and/or PSN
14. High-traffic sites on the ARPANET with NSFNET clients, such as
the core gateways and certain other gateways and hosts, capture
these resources, leaving low-traffic sites out in the cold. This
phenomenon should be familiar to gateway watchers with experience
in the EGP swamps.

With a bit of ingenuity, it is possible to work around this problem.
The trick for an ARPANET host/gateway is to source-route to some
other gateway likely to have already captured a virtual circuit to
PSC or to some other gateway that connects to the NSFNET Backbone.
This should be considered a method of last resort and then only until
the virtual-circuit problem is resolved at PSC. The obvious choice
for the source route is via one of the EGP corespeakers; however,
there may be other gateways that will work as well.

Again, note that the above suggestion should apply only if users
begin to riot or carry weapons into the machine room. If anybody
attributes the suggestion to me in public, I will disown it and
subject the poor soul to a torrent of foul-smelling gongrams and
writhing nastygrams.

Be advised the PSC has notified the Pittsburg police to watch out
for convoys of irate gateway keepers. You may decide to march on
Santa Barbara (ACC) instead. All this in clean fun - those guys are
probably working through the night anyway.


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