Re: closing half-open connections

Andrew Knutsen (ctnews!mitisft!
1 Oct 87 03:53:15 GMT

        While I dont have any suggestions for closing existing half-open
connections (although I think someone posted something awhile back), I
do have a scenario which I have seen cause this, which can be traced to
an ambiguity in the RFC...


1) Server sends FIN, gets ACK, enters FIN_WAIT_2.

2) Client sends a bunch of data.

3) Server's window size goes to zero due to normal flow control.

4) Client closes connection.
        At this point, client has data buffered, and needs a window update.
        FIN hasnt been sent since data is pending.

5) Client is now in LAST_ACK. However, he ignores window updates, looking
        only for ACK of FIN he hasnt sent! The connection is effectively

        Now, the RFC says all data should be sent after a close (pgs 49 & 61),
and that when a segment arrives in LAST_ACK state only the ACK of FIN should
be checked for (pg 73).

        4.3 seems to have "fixed" this problem by both flushing data on a close
and putting a timer on FIN_WAIT_2, along with having just about everybody
use "linger mode" where the close delays till the data drains (not the default).
I fixed it by looking at window updates during LAST_ACK; not exactly spec,
but harmless (apparently) in the normal cases....


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