Kenneth A. Turkewitz (turkewit@CCV.BBN.COM)
Wed, 30 Sep 87 8:24:28 EDT

        The MINET experiment was fairly successful, but was very limited
in scope. The users on the MINET were using NO screen editors, or
anything else that required "special" characters to be noticed right
away. As a matter of fact, all MINET applications were tailored so that
a response was not needed until a linefeed was seen. Hence, MINET users
were all able to run in a "line at a time" (i.e. send characters only
on line feed) mode.
        (This only lasted for a short time, due to a minor bug that needed
to be fixed in the BBN O/S kernel or the TELNET server, I forget which. By
the time it was fixed, nobody really wanted to go back to the line-at-a-time
mode, despite the savings on the network trunks.)
        Interestingly, during the planning and integration of the MINET
project, we were seriously considering using RCTE (or a modification of it,
known as "RACE" [Remote Application Controlled Echoing] in our planning
sessions). The MINET people were not particularly interested in funding
it, however.

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