Steve Dyer (spdcc!
30 Sep 87 05:17:04 GMT

I am aware of an effort at BBNCC a few years ago in support of the MINET
(European MILNET) network to handle this via TELNET echo negotiation when
switching between RAW, CBREAK and "cooked" terminal modes. MINET trunk
lines at the time were 9600 baud, hence the desirability of minimizing
micro-packet traffic induced by character echoing.

I don't remember exactly how successful this was, perhaps because many of
the applications they were using ("vi", InfoMail, "tcsh") preferred to run
in character-at-a-time mode with echoing under the explicit control of the
application. Cooked mode applications seemed to work OK, as I remember.

Steve Dyer
dyer@spdcc.COM aka {ihnp4,harvard,linus,ima,bbn,m2c}!spdcc!dyer

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