Andrew Knutsen (ctnews!mitisft!
29 Sep 87 22:32:55 GMT

        It seems to me there are is a middle ground in here, between
char-at-a-time and line- (or screen-) at-a-time, that can be implemented
purely on the server side using the normal telnet protocol (ECHO negotiation).
We are considering implementing this for support of low speed TCP links
(eg async modems), and I'm curious if I'm going to run into some "common
knowledge problem"...

        The basic idea is to have the kernel (virtual terminal driver) inform
the telnet daemon when it *would be* doing immediate character echo, and
not do it. The daemon turns this information into echo negotiation, which
the client (hopefully) heeds. This results in speeded echo response in
(for example) un*x "cooked" mode, plus a reduction in packet traffic.

        Has anyone tried this? The UCB virtual terminal driver has some
hooks in it ("packet mode", currently used for flow control negotiation
with rlogin) that could be used for this (after extension).

Andrew Knutsen

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