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>Someone asked me today what are the performance limits on a TCP connection.
>The situation he posited was on in which there are no intervening
>resources in the hosts, and low noise. It was further posited that

An interesting question. It depends on HOW low noise your connection is.
Because of acknowledgement and retransmission requirements, the faster the
link, the lower noise it has to be to maintain a high delivered fraction of
the raw channel speed. This is in addition to the question of the interaction
of acknowledgement delay and window size, which some have mentioned, and which
is also a big problem. To realize the high bandwidth in practice requires
host software smart enough to adaptively distinguish between a high bandwidth
low noise channel, and something like Arpanet, and adjust its behavior
appropriately to either situation. Offhand, I am not sure how to do this.
Anybody have any ideas?

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