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I'm pretty sure HP doesn't have one. Does anything exist in the public
domain, or from another vendor? If respondents think there will be enough
responses to annoy the list, send them to me, and I will summarize.

James B. VanBokkelen
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DISCLAIMER: This is a statement based on my personal knowledge, to give you
            an idea of the TCP/IP products on the HP3000s and is NOT
            to be taken as an official statement of the Hewlett-Packard

I have been maintaining the TCP/IP product on the HP3000 for the last year and
a half, so I would state with reasonable surety that HP does have a TCP/IP
product for its 3000 family of computers!!!

The first release of TCP/IP for the 3000 which is part of the Network Transport
(NXPORT) product was in March '85. The transport supports HP's proprietary
Networking Services (NS/3000). Note that the two are separate products and can
be bought independently. The NXPORT product if bought by itself could still be
used for the NetIPC (Inter Process Communication) interface that it provides.
The Services would not be of any use if bought without NXPORT. This initial
phase I release, was a IEEE 802.3 LAN only product.

The second release of Transport for the HP3000 (Netxport II) came out in March
'87 and is the phase II version of the Transport. This comprises of various
functional enhancements to the Transport including support of point-to-point
links, Transport level DDN compatibility and Transparent nodal access (store
and forward) for both intranet and internet destinations (includes gateways
and gateway halves). Netxport II is backward compatible with the phase I

The following excerpts taken from the "NS3000/V Network Manager Reference
Manual, Volume I", gives an idea of the capabilities of the networking products
on the 3000s.

"NS3000/V consists of two parts: NS3000/V Services and NS3000/V links. Network
Services consist of software that enables users to access data, initiate
processes, and exchange information among all systems on a network. NS3000/V
links provide connections among systems (either HP3000s or personal computers)
in the same network. To use NS3000/V Services, the systems must be connected by
an NS3000/V network link.

A variety of network link products are available with NS3000/V. The link product
that connects individual systems in an NS3000/V network can be any of the

        o NS Point-to-Point Network Link for MPE-V based systems
        o Asynchronous SERIAL Network Link
        o StarLAN/3000 Link
        o ThinLAN/3000 Link (includes ThickLAN option for thick coaxial cable..)

The link products listed above can all be used to connect HP3000s to one another

The Asynchronous SERIAL Network Link, StarLAN/3000, and ThinLAN/3000 can
connect HP 3000s to personal computers as well as to other HP3000s.

The ThinLAN/3000 Link, including the ThickLAN option, can also connect HP3000s
with HP 1000s and HP 9000s."

Netxport II is bundled with hardware, NetIPC and driver software to form several
network link products.

The ARPA services FTP, TELENET and SMTP will be available for the 3000 around
April '88. These services are being developed by The Wollongong Group.

The X.25 link product for the HP3000 will be available around July '88.

To my knowledge the BBN software was not used to develop any product.

As the disclaimer states, this statement is my own, written to give you some
information about the HP3000 networking products, and I (and NOT the Hewlett
Packard Company) am responsible for any oversights/misstatements. Please
contact the marketing dept. for official statements and information regarding
the 3000 networking products.

Best Regards,

Krishna Kumar
Software Development Engineer
Information Networks Division
Hewlett Packard
19420 Homestead Road
Cupertino, CA 95014.


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