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29 September 1987

Merton, Dennis, Steven:

Thank you for responses about the LONEX system. We have some

It sounds as if the primary function of LONEX is
keeping most of the processing on a larger system,
away from the PCs, but is doing load balancing to share
the work among several such larger systems. Are we on the
right track? How about the supported spreadsheet and database
programs; are they implemented on the server or the PCs?

Where is the mail delivered? Do users have mailboxes on the
server? (It doesn't sound like mail is delivered directly
to the PC.) Can users send mail from the PC or must they
do so directly from the server? How about printing? Must
the user queue print jobs from the server or can he do so from
the PC?

Why are these terminals and PCs connected to your larger systems
via an ethernet? Most of the implementations we've seen in
which PCs accessed servers only as terminal emulators use asynchronous
connections; it's cheaper and can handle the requirement. Is
LONEX offering a service that makes the ethernet important? (perhaps
those database programs are distributed database servers?)

You said LONEX runs on 2.9bsd or 4.3. Did you mean, in addition,
anything in the middle? How about vendor implementations of 4.2 such
as those of Pyramid or CCI? What software is required on the PC?

Do any of the other packages you mentioned (RAPIDE, UTAIN/MAIS, or ULANA)
implement a file server? If you could describe them briefly we might
know whether it was worthwhile to go looking for more information.

Thanks for the help! We want to learn as much as we can
from other people before we make any decisions.

Vicky White
Code K33
Dahlgren, VA 22448
(703) 663-7745

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