Re: TCP/IP and DECnet

Bill Melohn (melohn@Sun.COM)
Tue, 29 Sep 87 00:41:04 PDT

Not true. Downline loading, upline dumping, and the remote console
utility are handled by MOP, the Maintenance Operations Protocol, yet
another Digital propriatary protocol that is NOT included under the
publically available DECnet suite. True, to provide a mapping between
LAT server names and their ethernet addresses they use the DECnet node
database, but this is purely an implementation convienence (since
their is no DNA equivalant of ARP).

The point I was making is that DECnet is a publically specified
interface for talking to DEC machines; however it does NOT include
terminal servers, VAX clusters, and many other protocols which Digital
considers propritary. I'm tired of explaining to customers why we
can't support DEC terminal servers, "since they run DECnet" (which we
can and do support under SunOS).

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