RTCE & Line-at-a-time TELNET-like protocols

John M. Wobus (JMWOBUS%SUVM.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu)
Mon, 28 Sep 1987 13:01:02 LCL

DEC's TOPS-10 OS optionally echos for user programs and does it remotely
via its "ANF-10" networking protocols. It allows a user program to
declare its own set of input characters that stop echoing. It goes to a
lot of trouble to make certain that the first characters that are not
supposed to echo, don't (like passwords). I recall some technical device
they call "pipeline echo markers".

My own inclination is that any protocol adopted in this day and age should
be able to locally generate cursor movements in response to cursor movement

John Wobus
Syracuse University

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