DDN "Vendors Guide"

Francine Perillo (PERILLO@SRI-NIC.ARPA)
Mon, 28 Sep 87 09:36:16 PDT

Having noticed recent inquiries on this mailing list for a list
of TCP/IP implementations, it seems appropriate to announce that
a new version of the "DDN Protocol Implementations and Vendors Guide"
is available from the NIC. This document is issued by SRI under
contract with DCA.

The online file is FTP'able from SRI-NIC.ARPA using the anonymous
login convention: log in as "anonymous", with password of "guest".

A hardcopy version (dated August 1987) is also available. Contact
NIC@SRI-NIC.ARPA for details on how to order this.

Request to all: Kindly let us know about implementations which are
missing from this document.

-Francine /NIC

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