Michael Padlipsky (PADLIPSKY@A.ISI.EDU)
28 Sep 1987 10:53:29 EDT

   It happens that I had occasion to check with John Day about his
"NVDET" (Network Virtual Data Entry Terminal) stuff several years ago.
He told me to wait for the ISO Virtual Terminal Protocol instead.
So I did that. And did that. And am still doing that.
   Actually, some work on NVDET is/was being done in the "DoDIIS"
(DoD Intelligence Information System) arena. A year or so ago,
I reviewed a draft RFC on the topic by a contractor; still waiting
for the next draft. Since it was intended for release to the research
community eventually, you might see it before I do if impending
threats to my daily access to the net eventuate.
   In my view, the trouble with NVDET--and TN3270, which somebody
semi-facetiously put forward in a side msg--is that you get wrapped
around the the screen-at-a-time axle instead of the char-a-a-t one,
and in the context we're addressing that isn't desirable. (Not to
deny that there are contexts in which it's necessary to deal with
screen-a-a-t, just to observe that this doesn't have to be one of
them--unless, of course, a solution to char-a-a-t falls out of it
   Are you volunteering to retrieve the RCTE baton/torch, by the way?
   cheers, map

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