Re: DSU/CSU units

Jim Warner (saturn!eshop@jade.Berkeley.EDU)
27 Sep 87 03:22:57 GMT

After I wrote about my Verilink experiences, the machine room at the
far end of our T1 line had an air conditioning failure. By the time
the temperature had reached 85 F, our packet loss rate had climbed
to something on the order of 70 percent. The guy at the other end
of the wire opened the doors to the machine room (it was evening and
fairly cool outside) and pulled the temperature down. The packet
losses dropped back down to near zero.

There are three Verilinks in the same cabinet in the aforementioned
room (this is at Stanford). Only our line suffered when the temp
climbed. My conclusion is that there is definitely something wrong
with that Verilink. NOTHING should be that temperature sensitive,
as the other two Verilinks in the cabinet testify. The environmental
spec's for the 551VCC/U call for it to operate at up to 50 C (122 F)
so it's clear we have a lemon.

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