Re: TCP/IP and DECnet

Douglas M. Olson (dolson@ADA20.ISI.EDU)
Sun 27 Sep 87 21:28:30-PDT

> From: melohn@Sun.COM (Bill Melohn)
> Technically speaking, DECservers do not speak DECnet, they use a DEC
> propriatary protocol called LAT. This is an ethernet protocol which
> coexists with any other Ethernet protocol (like TCP/IP) without any
> problems.

Mostly right, thats during normal operations. However, during
software downline loading from a VAX or PDP (or other?) host, and
during the infrequent software crash dump UPline load, they do speak
DECnet. Also, they support remote console facility which I guess is
also DECnet...(thats NCP> CONNECT CONSOLE, check it out, nice for the
times when you have to forceably logout a locked-up port and the
terminal server in question is a long stroll away down the building!)
Point is, 'technically speaking' the beasties do speak both LAT and
DECnet, sometimes at the same time.


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