Re: TCP/IP for HP 3000s?

Steve Blumenthal (blumenth@VAX.BBN.COM)
Sun, 27 Sep 87 13:31:22 EDT


Here is a message which I sent to the TCP/IP mailing list back in April
about the BBN developed TCP/IP software for the HP3000.



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BBN had a contract from DARPA to develop TCP/IP for the HP3000. Under
that effort we also developed user and server TELNET and user FTP. This
software required modifications to the HP3000 operating system and ran
on an HP3000 Series 3 under MPE IV. We completed this effort in 1983
and delivered the software to White Sands Missle Range, where it was
modified to run on an HP3000 Series 44 system under the MPE V/P
operating system. Because we needed access to the HP3000 operating
system sources, we had to sign a source license with HP. This agreement
restricts our ability to redistribute this software except to U.S.
government sites as directed by DARPA.

Because BBN is not heavily involved with the development of software for
the HP3000, we tried to give our software to HP to have them support it
and track subsequent HP3000 operating system and hardware improvements.
To date, HP has not taken us up on our offer. They may be in the
process of developing TCP/IP for the HP3000 themselves, but at this
point, we have no current contacts at HP.

Steve Blumenthal
BBN Laboratories

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