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Bob Page (spdcc!m2c!ulowell!
26 Sep 87 07:26:42 GMT

I just added a dmr-11 to a 4.3 system, and can't talk to it. I say:

ifconfig il0 inet broadcast -trailers netmask 0xffff0000
ifconfig dmc0 inet -trailers netmask 0xffff0000

and after starting routed, 'netstat -rn' shows:

Destination Gateway Flags Refcnt Use Interface UH 0 14 lo0 UH 0 0 dmc0 UH 0 29 il0 U 0 198 il0
128.188 UG 0 0 dmc0
129.63 U 1 2914 il0

I can use the 129.63 network, but can't get to the 128.188 net. Routed
sets up the route via; it's not in my gateways
file. I can ping my dmc at but don't believe it; netstat
shows all the traffic is going through il0. I can't talk to,
and if I delete the route from to I can no longer
ping the dmc. Any attempt results in a "Network is unreachable" message.

How can I set up the routes so I can get to the 128.188 network?
I'm running stock 4.3 routed. Thanks in advance.


Bob Page, U of Lowell CS Dept.	 Bob Page, U of Lowell CS Dept.	 page@ulowell.{uucp,edu,csnet}

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