Re: Unisys 5000, Unix, and TCP/IP

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20 Sep 87 18:00:11 GMT

In article <8709041300.AA05135@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> AFDDN.TCP-IP@GUNTER-ADAM.ARPA writes:
> Just a request for any information out there. Does anybody have any
>experience with internetting Unisys 5000s? These beasts run some flavor
>of Unix. The words filtering through the grapevine are that Unisys
>wrote TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP and Telnet from scratch, and that there are a few
>problems with it. Any comments are welcome.
>Darrel Beach

Yeah, we beasts run an ugly UNIX flavour called SysV, yacky :-).
Also the internetworking comes from Excelan as an OEM product, and those
guys wrote TCP/IP also for VMS and Sun machines. I think there are a few
problems, but there are always problems with all software in general.

I've tested the r-series commands (rsh, rcp, rlogin) to a VAX running 4.2 BSD,
and also the ftp and telnet to SUN:s and Apollo workstations. We found
*one* bug in connection with a Bridge Server and telnet (a minor one),
and this was corrected in the latest release.

Don't trust the grapevine, man...

                                        -Kent Sandvik-

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