Re: PC Telnet with Tek Graphics emulator

James B. VanBokkelen (JBVB@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Thu, 24 Sep 87 22:48:22 EDT

Our PC/TCP comes with "glass" versions of Telnet and Rlogin. These contain
no terminal emulation of their own, and do all I/O via the MS/DOS console
devie (CON). If a terminal-emulating device driver is present (like
ANSI.SYS), whatever emulation it provides is passed the Telnet data stream,
and keyboard input gets passed through it too.

We don't sell any drivers to go with this, but we do have one public-domain
one that we provide on request (for an HP26?? terminal), and there is at least
one commercial Tek emulator (from Grafpoint, it does a 4105) which is known
to work with our stuff. NANSI works, too, and I would expect anything else
that loads as a device driver for CON to work (subject to the lamentable fact
that very few Telnets are able to pass 8-bit data).

James B. VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.
(617) 868-4878

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