Re: DSU/CSU units

Charles Hedrick (
Thu, 24 Sep 87 18:04:52 EDT

8ZBS generates bipolar violations of a specific kind. Some
telco equipment allows it and some does not. For single-channel
T1 (i.e. two IP gateways that want the whole bandwidth of a
T1 connecting them), we have used a gadget from Digilink
that I call a T1-izer. It takes a vanilla synchronous signal,
and supplies everything that is needed to pass it through T1.
There are a number of switches that control the encoding.
You can select 8ZBS, if your telco can hack that, or a more
convservative encoding if they can't. (There is of course a
slight benefit in terms of line speed if you use 8ZBS.)
THis also has a DSU/CSU builtin. (However we more typically
use Avanti equipment, because we need to multiplex several
channels on one T1 line.)

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