James B. VanBokkelen (JBVB@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Thu, 24 Sep 87 00:55:46 EDT


    As a potential new user of TCP and IP I would like to get some info
    on PCP/IP. What is it and where can I get a copy?

I am guessing that you meant "PC/IP". This is a set of user TCP/IP
utilities for MS/DOS PCs originally written at MIT some years back,
and released as freeware. You can get a version from the MIT Microcomputer
Office (source or binary, but the source requires a cross-compiler which
you need a 4BSD source license to obtain). You can get another version
from CMU, ported to Microsoft C and with various improvements. You can
get commercialized, enhanced & supported versions of it from various
suppliers (we're proud of the ancestry of ours...). Most of them are
listed in the "Vendor's Guide", available electronically or printed from
the people at SRI.

You can get lots more information by joining the mailing list devoted to
PC/IP and its descendants: PC/IP and its descendants:

James VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.

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