VMS 4.6 and WIN/TCP

Mike S Marshall (decvax!linus!gatech!hubcap@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
23 Sep 87 20:19:19 GMT

We received VMS 4.6 the other day. We run Wollongonk's WIN/TCP 3.0 on
our VMS VAXen. I am responsible for WIN/TCP's operation. The sysadmin
for the VMS machines is trying to anticipate what might break when she
does the OS upgrade. She asked me to find out what I could about the
compatibility of WIN/TCP and VMS 4.6.

So now I'm asking you guys... has anyone that is using WIN/TCP upgraded to
VMS 4.6? If so, did you experience any problems?

thanks in advance.

-Mike Marshall hubcap@hubcap.clemson.edu ...!hubcap!hubcap

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