Re: Can of worms revisited

Andy Malis (malis@CC5.BBN.COM)
Wed, 23 Sep 87 13:51:08 -0400


I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to be much of a help. You
really are going to have to get the billing algorithm from DCA.

The PSN is quite flexible in what it reports with regards to host
traffic. For accounting purposes, it reports both octet and
"segment" counts, where a segment is a configurable (power of 2)
number of octets. When a host sends a message (X.25 "packet"),
the number of octets and segments in that message are added to
running totals (a partial segment counts as a segment), and these
running totals are periodically reported to the MC.

Thus, what gets reported and billed depends on the billing
algorithm and the PSN configuration settings used by DCA.


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