gated 1.3.1 available now!

Mark Fedor (fedor@devvax.TN.CORNELL.EDU)
Wed, 23 Sep 87 13:13:05 -0400

        The newest version of gated can be obtained by
        anonymous FTP from
        The distribution is in the file ~ftp/pub/gated/gated.tar
        or compressed as ~ftp/pub/gated/gated.tar.Z

        So my little VAX-750 doesn't get bogged down, I also have
        it available on Same access method and same

        If for some reason you can't grab gated over the internet,
        UUCP could be arranged, but until I hear some requests, I
        won't worry about it.

        Maybe I'll post to mod.sources or something.....

        read the README file for info on joining the bugs/update
        gated mailing list.



        P.S. those of you which sent me tapes, they were sent out.

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