Re: DSU/CSU units

Bryan McWilliams (
Wed, 23 Sep 87 11:06:34 CDT

I'm sorry to hear about your Verilink problems. Were I suffering the same
difficulty I surely would not have recommended the box. One question, are
you span powered? South Central Bell (in Louisiana) provides T-1 via fiber
only, so my boxes are powered by standalone 48 v. power supplies from
Tellabs. You may be taking some hits on the span if that's where your D.C
is coming from. We test our line with firebird sets, and they show zero
errors. The gear the phone company uses is not nearly as sophisticated
(at laest in our region). I've had 2 verilink 551V models running absolutely
flawlessly for 10 months now. From my perspective it's an excellent unit.

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