Re: DSU/CSU units

Jim Warner (saturn!eshop@jade.Berkeley.EDU)
23 Sep 87 01:46:43 GMT

In article <8709221539.AA06394@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> OPRBBDM@TCSVM.BITNET (Bryan McWilliams) writes:
>Kurt, In response to request for CSU/DSU Go with Verilink. you can
>order them through DCA direct at 404-442-4244. They're 2395.00 each, but
>if you can get the educational discount you'll save another 30%.
I wish I could be so positive about Verilink. It looks like they
are nothing but trouble from my perspective. Ours get into funny
states which they can't recover from without pulling the plug. I
mean that literally. They have no on/off switch or reset button.
The factory recommendation to unjam one of these things is to pop
the modules out with the power on. That grates. There's not even
a button to force it out of loopback mode (again - just pull the

I wish I could be more specific about what "funny states" means.
What we think happens is that something happens to a phone circuit
that causes a lot of errors. After several hours of whatever
mistreatment the phone co has to offer, the Verilink finally gets
confused, looses sync and locks up. After the phone line has
gotten good again, the Verilink doesn't recover by itself.

Besides that, they break a lot. We're working on our third unit
this year.

Another thing that's been a headache is their 8ZBS encoding. While
the encoding itself isn't a problem, the equipment that our telco
gives its people sees a circuit that is working perfectly as having
thousands of errors per second. In fairness to Verilink, this
last point is mostly a telco problem, but the bottom line is that
our phone co can't passively monitor our line to tell us what it
looks like from their perspective. That hurts.

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