RIP congestion woes......

Mark Fedor (fedor@devvax.TN.CORNELL.EDU)
Mon, 21 Sep 87 16:32:08 -0400

        Hi people. Recently here at cornell we have been
        experiencing a number of strange routing problems.
        Routes on certain vaxen gateways were being mysteriously
        timed out, while other dedicated gateway boxes seemed
        fine. Here at Cornell, we use RIP and everything is
        dynamic. We have Proteon P4200's and vaxen running
        gated/routed for gateways.

        Our ARPAnet gateway, CU-ARPA was one of the victims of this
        problem. CU-ARPA is a vax750 with 2 DEUNA's and one Pronet-10
        interface. CU-ARPA also has an ARPAnet interface.

        After pulling my hair out and checking the routing software, I
        noticed that our vax was experiencing RIP congestion and couldn't
        keep up with all the RIPpers on its networks.

        On its Pronet 10 interface we have approx 11 RIPpers.
        On 1 of its Ethernet interfaces we have approx 7 RIPpers.
        on the other Ethernet interface we have 2 RIPpers.

        Plus, since we have a large number of networks being RIPped
        around, each gateway sends out 3 RIP packets for a complete update.

        The routing process opens one socket and listens on the
        RIP port. If I read the UDP code right, each socket
        allocates space for 4k of datagrams. CU-ARPA is
        easily dropping RIP packets left and right.

        Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? I suppose
        I could increase "udp_recvspace" in netinet/udp_usrreq.c,
        but that would only prolong the agony. I know, I know,
        get a real machine for a gateway..... :^)



        P.S. Not suprisingly, the Proteon P4200 is having no problems.

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