Re: HELP: select() under sockets

Michael Meissner (rti!xyzzy!
21 Sep 87 15:17:25 GMT

In article <> ron@topaz.rutgers.EDU (Ron Natalie) writes:
> The other arguments to select are pointers to bit fields so assumably
> char buf[10];
> select(80, buf, (char *) 0, (char *) 0, (char *) 0, (time_t) 0)

In 4.2 systems the three pointer arguments are pointers to INT's, not char's.
In 4.3 this was changed to be the type fd_set (declared in sys/types.h), which
is a structure big enough to hold 256 file descriptors, with a way to expand
it further. In no case is a character array used. This may be seen as picking
nits, but it becomes important on machines that have different representations
for pointers to char's and other pointers.

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