List of TCP/IP software for various hosts
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We at University of California at Irvine we are constructing a list of
recommended TCP/IP software for users.

Those hosts not using Berkeley UNIX are the ones which need added
software. Some of the most popular types are:

IBMPC + compatibles running DOS. There are PC networks with Novell,
     3COMM, PC-NFS software.
Apple Macintosh, with Appletalk networks.
Vaxes + MicroVaxes running VMS.
PC's running OS/2 and UNIX System V will probably be popular.

If anybody else has a list already compiled of TCP/IP software
available for one or more hosts, we would appreciate getting a copy.

Information on individual programs would also be appreciated. If
software is commercial it would also be nice to know an approximate
price. Any comments about successful or unsuccessful use of software
or hardware would be helpful.

The list will be made available to others on request.

Thanks for any help:
Bitnet = MWSlagley%UCI Mike Slagley
                                      Network and Telecommunications
                                      University of CA, Irvine, 92617

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