Telnet/FTP for PCs with 3Com Ethernet cards, MACs, any others??

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18 Sep 87 04:12:05 GMT

The following public reply to Bob Claeson is provided to spark comment.

Additionally, I am interested in anyone's knowledge of any-domain
implementations of Telnet (vt100, vtXXX, 3278 models 2 and 4, NVT and NVDET),
FTP, and SMTP on CMC, Excelan, 3Com or you pick it.

  Robert Claeson (enea!pvab! writes (tcp-ip message 954)
  RE: Telnet for a PC/3Com configuration.
>>Which one should I use? The telnet in Sun's PC/NFS was almost useless. We
>>need support for national characters, ie we need to be able to remap the
>>keyboard in about the same way as SmarTerm 240.
>>By the way, is it possible to use another telnet together with Sun's PC/NFS
>>and 3Com's EtherLink card? And is there only plain vt100 telnets for PC's?

    I currently have in house three Telnet implementations: FTP Inc's "PC/TCP"
FTP/Telnet software, the FTP/Telnet that is available with SUN's PC/NFS (V.2),
and the Telnet/FTP from NCSA (the National Center for Supercomputing
Applications). I feel the NCSA Telnet/FTP product is superior to the others
in the functions it provides (and the price is right However to be
fair, FTP Inc. and SUN both offer unique capabilities that may be of value to
you. But that is for another discussion.

    NCSA's screen "capture" capability is implemented similar to the way the
Kermit communications software does it. The Telnet is coupled with a vt100
emulation and others are on the way. The FTP is very easy to use but is a
server-only implementation (that is, you must be logged in to the
source/destination host and initiate your ftp from there; the next release may
allow a user FTP). My favorite capability is multiple sessions (you can be
logged in as many as 20 times and an indicator on the screen lets you know if
data has been received in any of the sessions). Also, the NCSA Telnet doesn't
require additional "CONFIG.SYS" drivers.

    As for remapping the keyboard, I use the key redefinition function of
DESQview (window/task management software). I am told that Superkey and
Prokey (which I will implement shortly) should also work.

    I have had no problems with the NCSA software working in my PC/AT with
the PC/NFS drivers installed. However, I have not been able to fully test the
compatibility as our NFS server is not yet installed.

    Also, if you have Macintoshes, you'll be glad to know there is an NCSA
Telnet version for the Mac. has a ".arc" file in PD:<MSDOS.Telnet>. Also, you can get
the PC and MAC files via anonymous FTP from in the
subdirectory NCSA.

    Questions or comments should be directed to one of the authors of the NCSA
Telnet via mail To: "".

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