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John Pope (vatican!
17 Sep 87 18:40:14 GMT

In article <In article <358@palladium.UUCP> In article <358@palladium.UUCP> gkenley@palladium.UUCP (Greg Kenley) writes:
>I had been told by someone from pSOS (Real time romable OS) that a public
>domain implementation of TCP/IP existed for a CMC Ethernet board (which is
>identical to MVME350 motorola board - 68000 with AMD7990). He told me
>to contact John Pope of Aehr Tess in California. When I called Aehr Tess
>told me that he no longer was there and would not give out his forwarding
>address or number. We needed something that simply worked on the MVME350
>board just to bootstrap ourselves. Maybe John is out there somewhere.
>Greg Kenley
>Palladium Data Sytems, Inc.
>"Home of the DataTub"

Yes, I am out here. Unfortunately, I don't think I have what you're
looking for. The PD software in question was a Unix driver modified to
run under pSOS, not an implementation of TCP/IP. The TCP/IP we were
using at AEHR Test was the one supplied by CMC, which works just fine.

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