Public Domain TCP/IP

Greg Kenley (decvax!ima!cfisun!palladium!gkenley@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
15 Sep 87 19:51:15 GMT

I had been told by someone from pSOS (Real time romable OS) that a public
domain implementation of TCP/IP existed for a CMC Ethernet board (which is
identical to MVME350 motorola board - 68000 with AMD7990). He told me
to contact John Pope of Aehr Tess in California. When I called Aehr Tess
told me that he no longer was there and would not give out his forwarding
address or number. We needed something that simply worked on the MVME350
board just to bootstrap ourselves. Maybe John is out there somewhere.

Greg Kenley
Palladium Data Sytems, Inc.
"Home of the DataTub"

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