Re: Class C nets and AHIP (was: DDN X.25 )

Mike Brescia (brescia@PARK-STREET.BBN.COM)
Tue, 15 Sep 87 14:39:51 -0400

I don't know of any class C arpanets either, but we have talked about allowing
the full range of 256 hosts and using only one imp. How do you find the imp
number? From the NOPS at startup time.

Seriously, that could be one of the range of options if the configuration of
your host specified where the boundary between the host-part and the imp-part
of the 8 bits available in the 'rest' part of the class C address. Thus you
could have 5 bits of host to keep Art happy, and in another net, 2 bits of
host. It should not be fixed over all class C arpanets.

If the net grows beyond the number of hosts or imps you allow, you will have
to either move the boundary, or make a transition to a class B net.


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