tn3270 availability
Tue, 15 Sep 87 11:46:54 PDT

There is a new procedure (previously hinted at) for distributing tn3270
by mail. The current procedure for arpanet access (via anonymous ftp)
remains in place.

To receive a copy of tn3270 by mail, send a check for $100.00 (US), along
with a note indicating your desire to receive the tn3270 diskette, to:

        Campus Software Office
        295 Evans Hall
        University of California
        Berkeley, California 94720

You will receive, in exchange, an AT style (1.2MB) diskette with the tn3270
source (in tar format). For your $100.00 (US), you have unlimited
redistribution rights (for both the source and any binaries generated).

I encourage people to use this path to acquire tn3270. One advantage of
this path is that you get on "the list". This list should allow you to
receive updates and announcements. From our side, the advantage is having
some handle on the use of tn3270.


Greg Minshall

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