Reply: HELP: select() under sockets

Mike Anello (
15 Sep 87 09:23:00 PDT

HELP: select() under Wollongong sockets
Is it me or our sockets service??

code fragment
set up connection on file descriptor nfd

** select test code
etc. etc. etc.

In response to your mail about problems with select(3W):

We believe that you are incorrectly using the numfds argument in
the system call. You must increase this number so that select will
work on more that just stdin. Possibly using a number like 5 or 6 to
be safe. Your code will only select on stdin and you probably really
want to select on at least stdin, stdout, stderr, and one other file
descriptor. I hope this is helpful for you.

Mike Anello
The Wollongong Group

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