FTP advisory messages

Phil R. Karn (karn@faline.bellcore.com)
Mon, 14 Sep 87 14:36:43 edt

A lot of new FTP users (and some veteran ones, too) get bitten by
forgetting to say "type image" before sending a binary file. You get no
warning when you do this; you don't discover your mistake until you're
done and find that the file is corrupted. I would like to add an
advisory message to my own FTP server to warn the user when he/she does
this. The FTP client should just display this message to the user but
otherwise ignore it, relying on the user to abort the transfer. But how
should I do this?

I seem to remember that there are reply messages of the "0XX" class that
would do what I want, but I can't find it mentioned anywhere in the



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