Re: T1 and distant IP networks

Phil R. Karn (
Mon, 14 Sep 87 14:20:24 edt

Another way to go is to interconnect at the link (Ethernet) layer using
Vitalink Translan III bridges. They support line speeds up to T1. We've
been running a half dozen of them within Bellcore for a year now and
they have been working very nicely. We have five large locations and
about 1000 hosts in our host table. During a typical daytime minute,
several hundred hosts may be active. At the moment most of our links
are 250 kbps; one is already T1. All links will soon be upgraded to T1
when our DS-3 fibers are installed.

The big advantage of bridging is that you can run any protocol you want
across them; it doesn't have to be IP. Another is that you can freely
move hosts between cable segments without having to change addresses; in
a large network like ours, the administrative savings are substantial.

The main disadvantage is that broadcasts go everywhere, although with
T1's bandwidth this isn't much of a problem.


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