Re: EMail User Agents

Howie Kaye (columbia!cunixc!howie@RUTGERS.EDU)
14 Sep 87 14:39:26 GMT

Another version of MM is currently being written at Columbia
University, under a User interface package called CCMD. This is an
expanded Tops-20 like interface, as described in the message about

This MM program will be mostly compatible with the TOPS20 version,
though it will support several mail file types, and will eventually
run as a POP client.

CCMD currently runs under Berkeley and sysV UNIX, and MSDOS. MM will
also run on all of these (Only as a POP client under MSDOS though.)

Mail to, or
for more information.]

Howie Kaye
Columbia University hlkcu@cuvma.bitnet
Systems Group ...!rutgers!columbia!howie

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