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The operational system to replace the experimental system is LONS and that
is the official line; however, I think there is a great deal of resistance
at the LONEX user level. I'm not sure what the final configuration of LONS
is going to be; however, one component seems to be a single VAX system that
provides the same user services provided by the array of PDP11/44, PDP11/70,
and VAX systems used ithe LONEX system.

While LONS is the "official" system, I doubt that LONEX will disappear in
the near future. You have a large group of users that are familiar with the
facilities of LONEX. Experience at EATON indicates that it is very easy to
move secretaries whose primary use of the system to prepare letters and mem-
orandae from one system to another but it is quite another to move people
that use a system for preparing technical documentation and proposals part-
icularly if these documents are going to be modified and reproduced over a
period of time. In essence, the "old" system will not be replaced until a
catastrophic event occurs--because no one wants to spend the money to con-
vert all the data from the formats required by the "old" system to that re-
quited by the "new" system.

Merton Campbell Crockett

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