EGP updates over the top

Fri, 11 Sep 87 22:13:07 EDT


EGP jumbograms observed here have topped out above the ARPANET MTU of 1006+
octets, which means they will be fragmented. I'm sure the many Unix system
wizards will be casting spells on the reassembly buffer size and crank that
up accordingly. For the fuzzball system warlocks, be advised its EGP does
now reassemble updates. Fixes will be distributed over the weekend. The
reason I dropped this message on the full list is an interesting observation
that the LSI-11 core gateways set the don't-fragment bit on updates to
match the same bit on received packets. Thus, if your EGP code sets this bit
in the IP header, the update that comes back will self-destruct while coming
back. Obviously, the don't-fragment bit should not be set.

having flattened head while learning the above nugget today, I would like to
invite our BBN comrades to expand upon the theme.


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