Re: Advanced Computer Communication's Access Product for MVS

Bob Dixon (
Thu, 10 Sep 87 10:13:50 EDT

We have an ACC system running on our MVS system (3081D). It basically works
fine, and is very fast, although some of the speed impression may be caused
by the high speed of the 3081. We use UCLA mail to front-end smtp. That
causes minor problems as UCLA mail does not allow the full smtp address
syntax. Full-screen telnet to a VM system running KNET does not work.
Line-mode telnet works fine. FTP is very powerful in dealing with MVS files,
but requires the user to supply the MVS volume name, which is a pain. FTP
allows file transfer between any 2 computers, neither of which needs to
be the MVS system. This is useful, but requires the user to provide login
info for MVS twice if one of the systems is MVS.

                                         Bob Dixon
                                         Ohio State University
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