KA9Q TCP/IP bits via BBS

Bdale Garbee (PT!cadre!pitt!winfree!bdale@cs.rochester.edu)
10 Sep 87 05:59:48 GMT

I am pleased to report that through the generosity of a local PC dealer,
my BBS is back online running a slightly damaged ST-238. The KA9Q
TCP/IP package distribution of 870829.0 is now available there for those
of you without any other means of obtaining it.

As a reminder, the bbs can be reached at 303/593-0766, 300/1200/2400 baud,
and first time callers have sufficient privs to download the entire release.

Have fun!

Bdale Garbee, N3EUA		phone: 303/593-9828 h, 303/590-2868 w
uucp: {bellcore,crash,hp-lsd,ncc,pitt,usafa,vixie}!winfree!bdale
arpa: bdale%winfree.uucp@bellcore.com
fido: sysop of 128/19		packet:	n3eua @	k0hoa, Colorado	Springs

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