Question about IP options

Jonathan P. Biggar (jonab@CAM.UNISYS.COM)
Wed, 9 Sep 87 16:42:28 PDT

I am implementing IP in Ada and have several questions about IP options
that are not clearly answered in either RFC 791 or MIL-SPEC 1777:

1) Are the record route and timestamp options modified by the source and
    destination systems, or are they only modified by gateways?

2) When using either loose or strict source routing, does the next hop
    or the final destination go in the destination address field of the
    IP header? For example, if I want to route from host A through B and
    C to D, is the destination address B with source route C and D, or
    is the destination address D with source route B and C?

3) Is it legal to have both loose and strict source routing options in the
    same IP packet? If so, how do you handle this case?

Jon Biggar

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